Walmart Store Locations


Walmart is the largest American retailer, the biggest international company and the leading private employer in the world. The business was established by Sam Walton who opened the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962. Since then, the business started its rapid expansion and in 1970 became Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. By offering customers the lowest possible prices and great service Sam Walton raised the retailing industry to a new level. Nowadays, Walmart is the nation’s No.1 retailer that has more than 11,000 locations worldwide.

The company operates about 5000 stores in the United States. Walmart offers a wide range of products: electronics, home and furniture, home improvement, clothing, jewelry, toys, health and beauty products, pet supplies, sporting goods, craft supplies, party supplies, grocery and more. Walmart offers best prices for both food and non-food items. Every week, in the latest weekly ads you can browse through the hand-picked award-winning food products from various categories. Stay with us and don't miss any of them!

Walmart operates different types of stores, such as supercenters, discount stores or neighbourhood markets, as well as different divisions, e.g. Walmart U.S., Walmart International, Sam's Club and Global eCommerce. The retailer offers both well-known national brands, as well as private brands such as Time and Tru, George, NOBO, Great Value, Pen+Gear and more.