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This page provides you with the latest weekly ad and specials for Lidl US. Although a newcomer to US grocery market, Lidl offers best prices for both food and non-food items - up to 50% lower than its competitors. In the latest weekly ads you can browse through the hand-picked award-winning food products from various categories - dairy, deli, bakery, vegetable, meat, beer & wine. Lidl isn’t only about grocery. Every week you can find here sales of selected heavily discounted items like clothing, baby products or kitchen appliances. Popular brands available only in Lidl stores include Esmara, Crivit Sport, Lupilu, Livergy, Jolinesse or Pepperts.

Save money with Weekly Specials & Fresh 5

Here you can find fresh Lidl weekly special deals. Every Thursday there’s theme-oriented (Greek, Italian, French) flyer containing only hand-picked sets of customer favorite grocery products. Moreover every Monday and Thursday you can look forward to deeply discounted selection on non-food items such as clothing or kitchen appliances. These offers are only available in-store and are very popular with the customers - so hurry up! Last but not least there’s so-called Fresh 5 - selection of three vegerables and two meats for unbeatable prices, which also changes every Monday and Thursday. As you can see, there is always something new and exciting in your Lidl store.