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Hannaford is a well-respected supermarket chain with a rich history rooted in quality and community. Founded in 1883 by Arthur Hannaford in Portland, Maine, the company began as a modest fruit and vegetable stand. Over the years, it grew and evolved, expanding into a regional grocery chain.

Hannaford offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Their selection includes fresh produce, high-quality meats, dairy, pantry staples, bakery items, and an array of non-food products. Hannaford launched Guiding Stars, a nutrition navigation program that helps customers make healthier food choices by rating products based on their nutritional value. The company actively supports hunger relief programs and food banks to address food insecurity in the communities they serve.

Hannaford operates more than 180 stores throughout the northeastern United States, primarily in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York. Hannaford stores typically open in the early morning, around 7:00 AM, and close in the evening, at around 9:00 PM. However, it's important to note that operating hours may vary by location, so check our store locator above for more exact information.