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Cardenas Market is not just a supermarket; it's a celebration of culture and culinary traditions. Established in 1981, the first Cardenas Market opened its doors in Ontario, California. Founded by Jesus Cardenas, this family-owned grocery chain aimed to provide the growing Hispanic community with a taste of home.

One of the most interesting aspects of Cardenas Market is its commitment to celebrating the diverse flavors and traditions of Hispanic cuisine. As you walk through the aisles, you'll find an array of products that cater to a wide range of Latin American tastes. From fresh tortillas and salsas to unique spices and exotic fruits, Cardenas Market is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to infuse their kitchen with the authentic flavors of Latin America. Cardenas Market takes pride in offering an abundance of fresh produce. You'll discover a colorful selection of fruits and vegetables, some of which you may not find in typical grocery stores. The emphasis on freshness extends to their meat and seafood sections, where you'll find top-quality cuts and a variety of choices to satisfy your culinary desires.

Cardenas Market has expanded its footprint and now boasts numerous locations across the United States, primarily in states with thriving Hispanic communities, such as California, Nevada, and Arizona. Typically, Cardenas Market stores have operating hours that cater to their customers' needs, often opening early in the morning and closing late in the evening.